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Monday, March 16, 2020

Closure of All Schools After Two More Coronavirus Cases

In the previous press release on the issue of Coronavirus, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Ngunyi urged Kenyans to stop panicking after one person had been declared positive.
However, it seems the panic is even much extreme after two more cases of coronavirus have been announced.
As it was expected, Uhuru Kenyatta has issued an order to close all learning institutions after two more Coronavirus cases were confirmed in Nairobi.

After the first incidence of Coronavirus, the government went ahead to test people who had come into contact with the woman who was reported to have Coronavirus. 
Travels inside the country were closed and this does not seem enough, as per now. 
According to the president, anyone who has any signs that are alarming, they should seek medical attention. 
Meanwhile, all schools were urged to close by 20th March 2020.
Employees were always encouraged employers in cooperates and companies to allow employees to work at home.

President Uhuru's Specch

Social gathering and crowded places are also said to be a line for Coronavirus to spread. 
As a result, the president insists on avoidance all in an attempt to fight the issue. 
He asked people to avoid public places such as malls and entertainment premises to their best. 

Hospitals and shopping malls are encouraged to provide washing soap and sanitisers and ensure that all their premises are regularly disinfected, in a bid to minimise the spread of the pandemic,Said President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

The president also asked the public to avoid close contact. 
According to President Uhuru Kenyatta, the use of cashless transactions would be an excellent way to avoid contacts. 

Press Release

 He pronounced, “We appeal to mobile operators and banks to take the note of the situation we are in and reduce the cost of transactions.”

The Senate majority had advised that the government should take consideration of the fact that schools exposed children to the highest risk of infection.

Ordinarily, flu spreads fast through Children in School and other social places. It’s my considered opinion that schools should be closed as from tomorrow until the relevant authorities prepare well for better ways of containing Covid-19 virus in Kenya,” argued Murkomen. 

The public has also shown a similar idea and responses regarding the issue. They too think that President Uhuru Kenyatta is right in his assertions. 
Below is a sample of such comments from the public. 

How To Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus 

Comments From The Public

Alex Alexis
Bangi is now real from the executive
Miracle Githaigah Maina
School closing is a good idea but how will these boarding children get home , through public transport?
Akili Ni Nywele
Thanks for the safety measures but y do government wait and ignore things? They run up and down when it's to late
David Svarrer
Beware, also, by the way, that money can be washed with normal soap without spoiling.

Coins are easy. Wash them while you do your dishes (!!!!!). Notes can be washed using normal detergent for washing clothes.

Don't scrub notes. While they can be washed, it wears and tears them unnecessarily. That is not necessary. Simply just soak them for 20 minutes in the same water you would mix to wash your clothes - then put them in clean water for another 20 minutes, then hang them up to dry. There will be no corona left after that :-) ...

AVOID using cash, though - but if you can't avoid it - thenSee More
William Chege Kihiko
mzazi hawezi ongea na teacher Bahati (Aka teasher Bahatisha for example...) kwanza....
Sylvester Kigen
Too late mr president
Robert Wanyisi Obuyu
Thanks to HE.Pres for that contributioons made for prepn first aid kit in the country.
Peter Mugambi Reloaded
Have reduce the price for Unga by 75%
Alfred Kimani
God is always aware of our situations. May he grant us His mercies as far as this pandemic is concerned
Gabriel Kiptum Maiyo
Reasonable move but why did u allow the 239 Chinese Aircraft to jet into the Country yet u are fully aware if global crisis?.
Joshua Mulei
Thank you Mr. president for the directive on COVID-19 virus...schools should close until further notice...May God Almighty see us through this pademic disease...AMEN

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