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Friday, March 13, 2020

AS PER NOW: Kenya Has Just Confirmed First Coronavirus Case

What we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Early morning today, Kenya has just confirmed the first coronavirus case. Recently, controversy has been going around concerning coronavirus cases, but 13 March 2020 serves as the actual day. As we speak, the woman is at the Kenyatta National Infectious Disease Unit. 

The government says that it has traced all contacts the patient has been making since her arrival at the airport.
Few hours after the case had confirmed, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Ngunyi said that the patient is a 27-year old woman and of a Kenyan Nationality. She had travelled from the US via London. 

Mutahi also confirmed that the patient is stable in activities such as eating. However, she is said to stay convicted in the hospital until she is confirmed negative. 

Consequently, Kenya is said to have suspended all travel outside the country for the sake of the country's well-being.

"We have done all the contact tracing and have all the names including the people who sat next to her on the flights she took,” said Mutahi. 

However, necessary travels will still be ongoing. 

Public gatherings have also been suspended, amongst them inter-school events.

County governments have also been urged to carry out regular public sensitization on the infection. 


Please Keep Calm...

An environment of anxiety and worry is expected after such a tragic event.

CS Kagwe has however, urged Kenyans to remain calm. In his speech, he explained that there is no need to panic or start worrying provided that the public abides by the measures earlier outlined.

 He also warned health service providers from putting blame and instead join hands to make sure that the pandemic does not tear through the country. 

"This is not a time to assign blame but one to join hands to ensure this pandemic does not tear through our country. This is not the time to make abnormal prices," 

Other sectors have also been summoned.Some of them being;
  • Public transport,
  • Health act rules,
  • Public gatherings, and
  • Rallies that have been banned.


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