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Monday, March 16, 2020

Is It True Coronavirus Had Been Predicted by Different Authors?

Dean Koontz  predicted the existence of Coronavirus

There are rumors that the Coronavirus had been predicted by various authors. 
They describe a virus that has similar characteristics to the covid-19. 
The eyes of darkness Dean Koontz’s 1981 fictional novel predicts an outbreak of a deadly virus. 
It is emphasized on page 312. As per the author the virus was known as Wuhan-400 which was made in a military laboratory in china.
 It was named Wuhan- 400 because it was made outside the city of Wuhan and it was the four-hundredth viable strain of man-made microorganisms created at that research center.
The fact about Wuhan-400 and Covid-19 is that they are not really related or they both differ in how they affect human beings. 

Dean Koontz's novel 'The Eyes of Darkness' (1981) made reference to a killer virus called “Wuhan-400”

First, Wuhan-400 cannot survive outside a living human body for longer than a minute and when the host dies or as soon the temperature of the host drops to eighty-six degrees it perishes with the host. Covid-19 differs from Wuhan-400 because analysts found that the virus can remain viable in the air for 3hours, copper for 4hours, woods for even 24hours, plastic and stainless steel can last for 2- 3 days. 
Second, the incubation period that Wuhan-400 can take for the symptoms to appear right after the infection is 4hours while the Covid-19 incubation period can take two to 14 days.

Another author named Psychic Sylvia Brown in her 2008 book called End of Days: Prediction and Prophecies about the end of the World. 

Psychic Sylvia Browne also offered a Prediction on the same.

She talks of a sickness that will have a pneumonia-like illness that will spread around the world, attacking the lungs, bronchial tubes and will resist all treatments. She also states that it will suddenly vanish and will arrive again after 10years. As indicated below:
Covid-19 is referred to as a pandemic since 167,594 are infected and 6,456 deaths have occurred. 
It is true that was the author has mentioned in her book regarding the characteristics of the sickness which aligns with covid-19. It is undetermined whether her predictions were just a guess having a reference of the same symptoms after the SARS outbreak in 2003. SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) was more like Covid-19 with the same symptoms.
It is more than a guess because predicting of an illness that has already occurred is not referred to as a prediction. First, Brown states that the illness will occur “around 2020” which means it can range at plus or minus two to three years. 

We can all agree it can be 2017,2018,2019, 2021,2022,2023 since they are around 2020 in which it isn’t clear. Secondly, Browns predicts that the sickness will be a” severe pneumonia-like illness” but Covid-19 is not a pneumonia-like illness, though it has some pneumonia cases.
She further explains that the illness will attack both the lungs and the bronchial tubes.
There isn’t a prediction since restates the signs and symptoms of the disease.
 According to Brown, the illness will resist all treatments but the fact is that Covid-19 does not resist treatment, there are cases where people have recovered from the illness. 
The doctors have not come up with the vaccine yet but they can treat.
Covid-19 is like any other virus that will eventually get its vaccine. It is not as deadly as other types of coronavirus which include severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and middle east respiratory syndrome (MERS) which can cause severe respiratory infections.


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