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Saturday, March 07, 2020

Kenyans Need to Stop Panicking and Instead Start Preparing for Coronavirus

In New York, 44 cases of the virus have been announced. 
A week ago, half the number had been reported. 
In such an advance country, a week is enough to double the number, how about in such an ignorant country like Kenya?

We have always been termed as ignorant, and I am not sure if we have seized to be ignorant.
A day ago, a state of emergency arose in Los Angeles County over the same.
 In NBC night news, citizens were made aware of the incidence.
They were advised to stop several practices such as handshaking and hugs.
Instead, they were instructed to use verbal salutations and keep six feet distance with strangers after six cases had been confirmed in the area.

Early this month, the Kenya Association of Nurses issued a statement on Corona Virus in response to the issue.

In the press conference, they urged fellow Kenyans to give psychological support to those who are suffering from the virus. 
That insinuates that such cases are already present within us, only that we are not aware of such people.
In the conference, the nurses also urged Kenyans to refrain from statements or actions that make the public feel more vulnerable. However, the board boasted for its effort to fight the issue, in case it advances.
In such a global economy, every voice count. However, Kenyans need to stop panicking and instead start preparing for coronavirus.
We should stop wasting time trying to stop the virus from entering Kenya and start preparing for the outbreak instead.”
At the moment, authorities have suspended all flights from China, all in an attempt to prevent it from entering Kenya.

On February 26, 239 passengers happened to arrive in Kenyan in a CSA flight, to be quarantined in a military facility.
As we speak, Kenyans are very worried. The coronavirus outbreak is spreading across the globe. More and more questions are being raised on the measures that should be enacted. 
At the beginning of this month, coronavirus infections had been confirmed in more than 55 countries _ three of them from the African continent (Algeria, Egypt, and Nigeria).

False alarms have been heard regarding coronavirus being in Kenya. However, we are thankful that they are yet to be confirmed. A sense of panic is however building up.
As always, and expected, the Kenyan government will be slow in enacting measures.
Similarly, this is expected in the effort to prevent the virus from getting into the country.
In spite of how deadly coronavirus is, fights from China is still spotted. At the end of January, Kenya Airways reluctantly suspended flights to and from Guangzhou _, which is one of the most lucrative routes.
The Kenyan government, as well as stakeholders, seem to be focusing too much on stopping the virus from arrival. There however should be a change and gear more efforts towards eventual arrival. 
Like any other countries across the globe, there are windows of opportunity for the virus to enter.

The views expressed in this article are strictly my own and do not necessarily reflect the site’s editorial stance. 

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