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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Killer’s Mind

 Few days ago, Lawrence Warunge  was murdered. The case left many worried and in response, I decided to offer you some few  facts on 'what's is in murderer's mind.'

There have been many cases of murders round the world, the rate per annum has increases towards a million. 

A murderer is anyone who kills deliberately without any justification. In Kenya, the mystery of Kiambu killer Lawrence Waruge has left people in shock after killing his four family member and a worker. 

Lawrence is described as a quiet, Innocent kid, but how could he commit these crimes? If we are unaware of what other people are capable of, do we truly know what we could potentially do?

 People who commit murder are just like anyone else until they cross the line of committing an offence hence not becoming one of us. 

Science has not proven that a seemingly normal person is in line to violent criminality. In a killers mind he commits the act in a belief that he or she might not be caught by the law, he or she commits the murder ready to suffer the consequences, or he or she committed the crime without rethinking of his or her actions

 The big question is, what triggers anyone to commit murder.

1.      Motives

Motive is when the murder is likely to acquire gain from the victim. The motives of a killer is characterized into four sets; lust, love, loathing and loot.

a)      lust

Lust is when the murderer kills the victim due to his desire of sexual acts. This includes rapes. The crime is achieved when the victim is murdered during sexual intercourse and it can also be manifested through mutilating the sexual organs.

b)      Love

Love is another motive that can lead to murder. A large percentage of murders is caused by love and the most common reason for intimate partner homicide is due to jealousy.

 This is whereby the offender feels his at risk of losing his or her partner and the offender decides either to eliminate his or her partner or the person that he feels is the problem of their relationship.

c)      Loathing

The third reason that motives a killer is loathing, this is the act of hate towards a person, (for example race, abusive parent) or a group of people (for example prostitutes or homosexuals). 

An individual can be so judgmental towards various groups, example prostitutes and hence decides to eliminate them because he or she believes they do not belong to the society.

d)     loot

The final motive is loot, the murderer kills for financial gain such as inheritance, insurance or robbery. This basically occurs in our own families, when a selfish member of the family kills the rest of the family so that he or she can acquire inheritance or the insurance,

There are pressures such as cultural norms and legal guidelines that can influence our impulses to murder and our human violence differs across time and cultures. 

We are not controlled by the evolutionally in our brain and we are not free from them either. All we need is the control of our own brain so that we can be free from these crimes. Those that committed this crime they were always not criminals, they were like you and me.


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