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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Goodbye Trump...

Trump Leaves Office before the Inauguration of the Newly Elected President Joe Biden

There is restoration of hope in America after the 45th president of the United States Donald Trump to step out of office today morning. 

Trump did not have a lot of supporters especially at the end of his reign, 68% of public do not want trump to continue a political figure on the united states. 

Trump has left office with the lowest approval of his presidency ranging at 29%. 

A high percentage of American blames trump for the destruction and violence that has occurred in the United States while trump supporters believe that whatever happened to U.S is not Trumps responsibility.

Trump has been in reign for four years, more destruction overrules the good deeds.

In his reign 400,000 citizens died of corona virus due to his ignorance of embracing lockdown and use of masks. Republicans lost the presidency and both the chambers of congress. 

He also insisted for insurrection at the capitol riot which left five people dead which horrified America. Trumps leaves office with little to show off his major promises made after being chosen the president.

Trump addressed the nation, “it’s been a great honor, the honor of a lifetime. The greatest people in the world, the greatest home in the world”. 

He continues by saying, “we love the American people and it has been something special. All I want to say is goodbye but it is not a long term goodbye. 

We will see each other again”. This statements mean that he will be back in the office in some form.

Trump is flying to Florida and he is not likely to attend Joe Biden inauguration. 

He will break the presidency tradition of not welcoming the newly chosen president or the successor by introducing him or her to the presidency. This indicates that trump is still in anger and embarrassed, consumed with rage and grievances after losing for presidency.

 He believes there was no fair election. Biden won the Electoral College by 306 to 232, there was great Biden had more votes than Trump.

There are a lot of expectations and hopes, that there will be plenty of change under Biden’s rule. 

Soon people will be lining up  to press their cases, on the changes they want to be enacted. President-elect Biden will aid in bringing back the progress the United States lost under Trump.



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