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Thursday, April 02, 2020

Kenya at Risk as COVID-19 Cases Sums To 110

Two More Cases of COVID-19 Reported In Kenya: Number Of Infections raise to 110. 
Kenyans were once termed as ignorant. However, this is no longer an argument as it has been. We are love to be alive and healthy. In other words, we are all worried about the current situation in Kenya.
We are yet to find a cure for COVID-19, and that means that measures are our only solutions. Even those who have strongly believed in God, they are now aware that their belief is no longer making sense. 
The only solution to this is social distancing. It is expected that adopting the newer lifestyle may be hectic and depressing, but it’s the best option at the moment. 
Early today, the CS Health Mutahi Kagwe gave a press statement on COVID-19. 
This is of course a shock to fellow Kenyans but the worry is actions being taken. 
United States
Early this week, New York installed a policy that is meant to prevent the severe spread of the pandemic. Currently, people who go against the rule may face sentencing. 
In my opinion, this is what Kenyans need. 

How Social Distancing Affects People's Social Life
Too many, in fact, a large number, social distancing is a new issue to them. Many have been used to social life. However, a significant percentage are not new to social distancing. 
Introverts are used to social distancing while extroverts are experiencing a totally different lifestyle. Many countries have adopted a rule that forces people to practice social distancing. A good example is New York which installed a rule that fines those who violate social distancing.
I feel this order has been enough to convince Californians to stay indoors and implement social distancing. Nothing more needs to be done about the issue.
 At this time, every Californian, and in fact, everyone in the hole world who is of tender age knows about the pandemic. We all love our lives and we will have to adopt the social distancing strategy as a way of solving the issue.
In my own perspective, I don't blame the government for installing such rules. In fact, I would advise other countries and states to adopt the same. 
Extroverts will be having a hard time but it is for their own benefit. The government has a mandate to protecting its people, and social distancing policies are meant to protect people from the new pandemic, COVID-19.
It is obvious that we have to adopt a social change. 
From being in school to being online, we feel we are losing a lot in terms of our social life. We no longer interact with our friends as we used to. We no longer engage in events as we used to. We are also missing the aspect of sharing. 
We used to share memories, share drinks, and food with our peers. Everything has now changed and we are living in such a boring life. However, we should not take it negatively as it is meant for our own good. We only hope that the virus will be eradicated and we will soon be back to our normal life.

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