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Wednesday, April 08, 2020

A Weekend With My Crush

Spend Time With Crush and Face the Consequences Alone 
For those of you into guys, pick or think of someone like Idris Elba, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Michael B. Jordan or some cute K-Pop or Boy Band guy.  For those of you into women, pick or think of someone like Zazie Beetz, Ariana Grande, Margot Robbie, Alex Morgan, Scarlett Johansson.  A serious star.

For the sake of argument, you both happen to be single, not involved with anybody.
Life has returned to normal.  It is the end of the fall semester, finals week, December 2020.  You are getting super-stressed out over finals.  You're roommate is driving you crazy, your friends are cranky or interfering with your studying, or won't talk to you, grrrr.  You have to get away for a break, so you go down to the Old Market to walk around.  It's cold, you're pooped, so you're bundled up and not really paying attention.  As you walk, you run right into someone.  Your purse or backpack drops, stuff goes flying, your phone gets thrown and is now all smashed up.  You're about to explode.  As you bend down to pick things up, you look to see who did this.  You lock eyes.  It's the star.
The star apologies and helps you pick up your stuff.  They see your broken phone and apologize.  "I'm so sorry.  Let me make it up to you.  Would you like to go get some hot chocolate?"  So you go together to the nearest coffee shop and the star treats you to deluxe hot cocoa.  You sit and chat--you both immediately hit it off--and there's a genuine attraction that's not smarmy or creepy or predatory.  It's real.  You learn the star is in town for work; they had just finished and were just walking around.  You tell them about school and life.  You chat about this and that, a delightful time together.  

You finish your drinks but are still deep in conversation, smiling and laughing and talking.  Mild flirting is starting.  The star says, "I'm hungry.  Can I take you out to dinner?"  You readily agree.  The star treats you to a really nice meal at a fine restaurant, with low lighting, candlelight, and wonderful ambiance.  You have a wonderful time, and things between you are genuinely becoming more intense.  The chemistry is real.  The star pays for everything, all eyes are on you both as you leave.  You step outside.  It's dark and starting to snow.  A horse-drawn carriage clop-clops past.  The star grabs your hand and pulls you laughing into the carriage.  You both get cold, and as the snow falls gently and the horses' hooves clop romantically against the old brick streets, you hold hands and start to snuggle.
The carriage comes to a stop.  The star turns to you, holding you, looking deeply, romantically, longingly, into your eyes.  "I'm finished working.  I'm here for the rest of the weekend until Monday morning.  I have a luxury hotel suite, with a hot tub and a full bar.  I have access to a driver and an expense account, so I can take you shopping if you want, or we can just hang out in the hotel...  Do you want to spend the weekend with me?"
So here's the deal:  You can say 'Yes!' and spend three nights and two days with the star.  In exchange, you will get all Ds and Fs on all your finals. (Note: After Monday morning, the star leaves and you will never see each other again.  You both will have fond memories though.)  Or, you can say 'No, sorry, I need to go back and study for finals'.  You leave the star standing sadly beside the carriage in the Old Market and never see them again (although you part amicably).  In exchange, you get all As and A+s on your finals. 

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