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Thursday, December 20, 2018

The truth about Women Rep s3x tape

Few weeks ago, a video went viral about Imenti scandal.
 The video brought about mixed reactions.
A controversy however rose that the video was fake.
 Few hours ago, a Women Rep s3x tape have been going around.
This time around we cant say its fake _ however, we have no evidence that the viral video is real.
 In the video,a man and woman are copulating. We can see the face of a woman but we cannot see the face of the man. From the video, we can judge that the man took the video.
 We however have no confirmation about that. About the clip. At the beginning, the clip is not clear at all, and at this point you couldn't see the identity of the people involved.
 In its 30th second, we can see the face of a woman, who is said to be Women Rep.
 Rumor on social media has it that the mysterious man in the video clip is also a lawmaker, apparently a politician from Rift Valley. We have however have no confirmation about this.
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