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Friday, October 19, 2018

Top Ten Celebrities Living with HIV: It's motivating how these celebrities have managed to live with HIV infections

Each day gives us a new chance to learn and be inspired. However, is this same for people living with HIV?

Well, knowledge and inspiration can help you face day to day challenges. This article is meant to offer an atmosphere of positive life to people living with HIV.
HIV is a common word to every person of sane mind and of reasonable age. HIV is a virus that weakens person's immune. However, the immune thing may not be the central cause of deaths that result from HIV.
Lack of hope is the fundamental cause of such deaths. People living with HIV are often stigmatized. However, inspired people always survive with regular treatment. And for these celebrities, their hope and courage to face life, in spite of their HIV status, they have managed to live a relatively more extended period with the virus. 
Mr. Nice

Mr. Nice is a Tanzanian veteran singer who is said to have been living with HIV. Mr. Nice dominated East African music industry in the 90s. As a result of his success, Mr. Nice had enough to party daily, with girls of his choice around him. 
For a long period of time now, Mr. Nice is allegedly said to have been living with HIV status. Rumors have it that Mr. Nice lost his focus on music due to his health status.
In an interview with E-news, the singer opened addressing the rumours that have been going around for years. 
Mr. Nice claimed otherwise, saying "Rumour-mongers have been claiming am HIV positive since 2002. I think I should be dead by now if I were HIV positive since then, but here I am. We've buried people infected with Aids in numbers since 2002."
Ukoo Flani Amuok

 HIV status is private, and no one can be forced to reveal his or her status. Very few celebrities have confessed their HIV status and among them is Richard Amuok. The polite man revealed this in 2015 and even exposed women who infected him.

George Kihara (Frigacy) is the first kenyan musician to confess his positive HIV status. Frigacy confessed that he was living with HIV in 2013 in an interview with the Nairobian. The "mapenzi" hit maker also added that drug was the major cause of his status. He had been hooked to drugs at the age of 16 while he was still in high school.
Joji Biro.

Joji Biro was once a top artist in the Kenyan airwaves. The gospel gay artist once broke the news of being HIV victim and this met his fans with surprise. Joji is well known for his fight for gay and lesbian's rights.

Jackson Makini is also among the top musicians who have been in the industry for a very long time. Rumors went viral that Prezzo was HIV positive. In response to the rumors, the rapper visited VCT and confirmed that he was HIV negative. 
Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is currently among the top socialites in Kenya. Vera confessed that he had a relationship with more than 200 men. In 2016, the socialite revealed her HIV status. She even displayed a picture to show her HIV status. Vera Sidika's HIV status read negative.
Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe decided to visit HIV test center during World Aids day publicly. The socialite revealed that she is HIV negative. However, Kenyans were not satisfied with the results and continued insisting otherwise.
Other celebrities' fitting this platform of discussion include Fred Omondi, Avril, and Venessa Chettle. Fred Omondi and preferred to keep his HIV status a secret. Avril and socialite Chettle revealed that they were HIV negative.  

Across the Globe, celebrities who have managed to live with HIV include, Arthur Ashe, Eazy-E, Magic Johnson, Greg Louganis, Freddie Mercury, Chuck Panozz, Danny Pintauro, Charlie Sheen and Pedro Zamora. 

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