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Monday, July 08, 2019

Ethic Entertainment Claim For Justice after a brutal treatment during the Koroga Festival

It’s unbelievable how Kenyan artists gets ill treatment from organizers. 
The debate on how nonsporting Kenyans are to their own artists is not new to the airwaves. However, Kenyan Ethic has a severe story to tell after being beaten up at the Koroga Festivals.
It is not the first time Ethic performed at Koroga Festivals.
Previously, they got a good treatment, but this time around they were treated with impunity. It is said that they had interrupted a DJ session. They are also said to have insulted a security officer.
From the video, it’s vivid that they took time to apologize to the officers, but their apology was all in vain.
Ethic has gone ahead to claim for justice for the mistreatment.

In their Instagram post which included a video of what really happened, Ethic has demonstrated their regret to what happened, as well as courage to fight for justice.

With the obvious disrespect to artists, Fans have demonstrated their anger through comments and posts with the #RespectKenyanartists.

Esteemed Kenyan Musician King Kaka has expressed his deep concern over the issue. He too claim that Ethic deserves compensation for the mistreatment.


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