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Monday, October 31, 2016

WHO ARE THEY...............


 His death was not just a normal death , and if you doubt me , take your time and do research of what happened before and after his death.
The king of pop started his music way way back at a young age. Michael was in a group of brothers established by his father. Though they were all talented, Michael was outstanding among all. Sony Music , under the management of Tommy Motola (former Sony music head) spotted him and signed him with the company.
Lately, Michael got tired of Tommy and started speaking ill of him .  Michael said that Sony was just but been using him. In one of his show, he said that Tommy is a devil, and i quote "Tommy Mottola is a devil" .  Michael desired to leave Sony and leave a free life but his desire turned out otherwise .
exclusive interview with his sister 
Tommy was aware of what was going on and for that matter, he asked Michael to do one more album and leave Sony owning half of it. This time round , Michael was to promote the album himself Michael agreed and he did his last album "the invincible" listen.
After the album, Michael was aware that he would die and he even revealed this to his sister. 

Tommy Mottola had to scheme a way to eliminate him and he approached Michael's family. H e promised the family very big amount that they could not resist. After his death , the album sale hit platinum and this was just as Tommy had promised.  
they murdered him

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