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Saturday, March 16, 2024

Tragedy Strikes Kenya as Young Celebrity Brian Chira Loses Life in Fatal Accident


Death has no mercy, and today, Kenya stands in solemn remembrance as the nation grapples with the devastating news of Brian Chira's untimely passing.

chira in a car accident with his head flactured

What Caused His Death?

 In a tragic turn of events, the vibrant young celebrity's life was abruptly cut short during a fatal accident in Banana, leaving behind a void that resonates deeply within the hearts of his countless admirers.

In a live video by Nicholas Kioko, Brian is confirmed dead.

In the video, his best friend, King Tizian, cried after confirming that Brian was indeed dead.

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brian chira black kenyan man in a car accident with his head flactured

Watch: Kioko at Nairobi Funeral Hospital

We could name Brian Chira as the face of Nakuru City, Kenya.

Born and raised in Githunguri, Kiambu, Kenya, on July 6, 1996, Brian Chira has caught media attention, especially over the past one year.

Back in 2022, Brian Chira became a comic aspiration through a TikTok video, "WITNESS," which led to his ascent to attract many.

Chira was also renowned for being controversial due to his gender.

He has been openly demonstrating his gay, which is not a joint discussion in a third-world country like Kenya. 

Chira has established himself as a gifted media personality.

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A little about his background: Chira was said to bid her mother farewell when he was eight. 

The harrowing event is a standard tag in his everyday conversation, establishing the amount of pain that came with losing his mother. 

Brian has been attending Kabarak University as an economics student. 

Being a controversial image in the Kenyan entertainment industry, Chira was full of controversies. Similarly, his death has captured attention from all corners, raising controversial statements and reactions.

In one of X's posts earlier today, Beth Kasinga, a renowned media influencer, claims that Brian Chira died even before he met his death; 

“Brian Chira has passed away lakini he had already passed while living, he was constantly drunk not taking medicine knowing very well what the issue he had.”

Some Kenyans are however very sad and the story has just blown their emotions. 

Below are some reactions from few selected media personalities. 

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